Home Computing This is the automatic driving car Chrysler Pacifica running with Waymo technology

This is the automatic driving car Chrysler Pacifica running with Waymo technology

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Newly born in alphabetical subsidiary Waymo (was Google’s automated driving car project until the day), a new line-up is applied: it is 100 units of the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivan. It is a vehicle manufactured by Fiat Chrysler, aiming to perform fully automatic operation using Waymo’s technology composed of in-vehicle computers, sensors and telematics. The new 100 cars will join other currently automated vehicles of Waymo for more testing on the public road that will begin early next year.

These vehicles were created by close partnership between Waymo and FCA (Fiat ¬∑ Chrysler), and the engineering teams of both companies gathered at the engineering site of Michigan State, and the FCA side got together at Chelsea, Michigan and Yucca, Arizona, Waymo The technology was tested through the development process at Waymo’s own test facility in California.

Chrysler Pacifica used is based on a mass-production model that can be purchased by consumers, but in order to better adapt to Waymo’s technology, not only the chassis but also the electrical system, the power train, and the structure are changed ing. As a result, the alphabet could be more tightly integrated than simply purchasing Chrysler vehicles and doing their own modifications to commercial vehicles. Still, according to the FCA, it took only 6 months to start the service from the beginning of the project

 John Krafcik, CEO of Waymo the blog post in, by adding the Pacifica, which was equipped with a minivan form factor to the test vehicle, was able to better represent a lot of car and passenger needs within the scope of the automatic operation vehicles and I point out. Kirk says in a blog post that prototype private tests are already testing various ranges, such as being exposed to harsh weather for more than 200 hours indeed.

Bloomberg recently reported According to the, Waymo is working with Fiat Chrysler, it appears to provide a carpool service using the Chrysler Pacifica of semi-automatic operation, in general from early next year. Although the previous 100 cars were announced to be used for testing with Fiat / Chrysler and the alphabet, it is said that more vehicles will be needed to start some extensive service, the report says Are listed.