“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful,” William Morris once wrote. In the spirit of that quote, here’s a gift guide that’s got something for every major species of geek fandom. In fact, many of these are inexpensive enough to be suitable for a $20 or less gift exchange.

Classic sci-fi

William Gibson’s Neuromancer punches well above its weight as a founding member of the cyberpunk genre. When I read this in high school, I took it with me everywhere until I was done with it, reading it in class and shamelessly ignoring teachers.

Doctor Who

Be a Time Lord for a little while and swoop in wielding this sonic screwdriver that’s also actually a real, useful screwdriver. It’s $35, and it takes the same size hex-stock mini screwdriver bits as your electronics micro screwdriver set.


George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series, the books behind the Game of Thrones, is a sprawling, intricate and engaging read. Good for someone who really likes to hate antagonists and watch people die. Hardbound, so that when your giftee inevitably starts throwing the books, the resulting destruction is more satisfying.

For someone who tends to fall for protagonists, enjoys Scottish accents, or has a thing for time travel, check out the Outlander series: after reading it I now want to be Claire when I grow up. If your giftee is already into the series and they’ve read the books, try a fuzzy blanket with Jamie Fraser’s crest and clan motto on it.