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Google Drive will help you transition from iOS to Android


Google has been keen on the strategy to switch iPhone users to Android. For example, the company’s smartphone new product Pixel to be no adapter called “Quick Switch”, can be easily data transfer between iPhone and Pixel. Also for Google, Google releases today’s tools to back up iOS data to Google Drive. The data can be transferred not only to Pixel but also to general Android machines.

The Verge has this feature , Android of ” Switch” page found in. There is a way to transfer the digital life on iOS to Android. Another place on that page explains how to use Google Drive to back up data from iOS. The main applications of interest are Contacts (address book), Calendar, Photos, Videos and so on.

Data from these services will be backed up to Google Contacts, Google Calendar, Google Photos, and so on.


In the figure above, saying that if the total amount of data is large, it will take “hours” for backup, so saying that it can be done at a place or opportunity with time and external power supply and Wi – Fi connection. You need to keep the application open, and stay on the screen until the backup is over.

Although useful, it does not support personally sensitive data such as music collections, iMessage or SMS text messages. However, the above-mentioned in the Pixel Quick Switch adapter With, these are also okay. Users who are moving for the first time from iPhone to Android seem to prefer picking Pixel.

Of course, not only Google is trying to make it easier to migrate between devices. The Apple, “Move To iOS” There is a utility for Android that, will do the reverse of the above.