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There are an increasing number of artificial intelligence used for corporate sales work

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In 2016 it was a year when artificial intelligence (AI) got a lot of attention. The development of artificial intelligence has started from decades ago, but with the fact that it has become possible to use powerful computers at a low price and the amount of data that can be accessed has dramatically increased, this year The era of artificial intelligence seems to have arrived.

It was the company ‘s sales business that AI started business efficiency first. It is an attempt to make sales workflow repeated like every day efficient by AI. When thinking about, it can be said that the application of AI began in this field directly affecting corporate income was a matter of course. Constellation Research analyst Alan Lepofsky, who investigates the impact of AI on business, says vendors are paying attention to this trend.

According to him, humans are suffering from information overload. As we gather more data, we have to rely on the processing power of computers to understand the meaning of that data. “It is expected that AI will reduce its burden by filtering information and automating tasks,” Lepofsky says.

AI also has a great influence on the startup community. TechCrunch even this week, Conversica to develop a sales assistant by the AI has reported that it has raised $ 34 million only just. Techniques such as natural language processing (NLP), reasoning engine, natural language generation, etc. are used for this AI assistant – it is quite sophisticated technology. This AI automates the initial contact with prospective customers and then takes over to the sales representatives of human beings.

Meanwhile, Tact, founded by a veteran of the CRM industry, is a startup that utilizes AI for scheduling management of salespeople. The company is also, at the beginning of this month has announced that it has raised $ 15 million. It is an idea to prevent sales representatives from becoming ‘slaves of CRM’ and to utilize AI to provide them with a logical and efficient way of sales.

These start-up, while you are trying to streamline the various aspects in the among the field of business by AI, Salesforce , Oracle , Base giants of the CRM industry, such as in the tool to simply record the customer information We are developing a CRM tool to strengthen sales activities by “intelligence” built into it.

Traditional CRM was a tool for recording customer and salesperson interactions, but it is Venessa Thompson, who is SVP at Bluewolf’s Customer Experience Department at Bluewolf, saying that AI has made it even more possible (Bluewolf is a consulting company affiliated with Salesforce).

“AI draws on the power of customer interaction and the tool gets smarter each time new data is added,” she says.

By effectively utilizing the power of the platform, sales representatives can concentrate solely on acquiring contracts by increasing the time to contact customers. “To predict where salespeople should spend time and what to do next – we need to give them the right data at the right time, salespeople get data from every source And they need a cognitive platform to make decisions using that data, “she explains.

More companies are applying AI to the field of customer service. An example of automating initial contacts using bots is an example. It’s an idea that simple tasks are left to the bot and more complex tasks are handled by human operators. This week, Salesforce released a LiveMessage was. It’s a tool to combine the power of human operators and bots by incorporating messaging applications into its Service Cloud platform.

The move to apply AI to sales and customer service fields will be just an initial case of business efficiency improvement by AI. As it is becoming mainstream to expand the capabilities of employees by computers, it is likely that AI will be applied to various business fields in the coming years.